The Alchemy of Energy protection

In this book, the Mudra authority and bestselling author Sabrina Mesko shares with you the powerful and unique method of merging two ancient and immensely effective energy tools.


MUDRAS and CRYSTALS create a healing frequency fusion that can help establish a protective energy shield for your body, mind and spirit.


MUDRAS are hand yoga positions that unlock the transformative healing power of your own hands, while CRYSTALS are the unwavering masters of Light. When used together, your body’s natural frequency will function at its optimal level.


The frequencies we are exposed to in our daily life may cause adverse effects on our individual energy field. Mudras and Crystals will help remedy any unharmonious energy states and uplift your overall vibration. They will help you anchor a powerful and protective vibrational shield, so that you can overcome adversities and function at your optimal capacity.


In these pages you will learn how to:


Practice Mudras with Crystals

Create a Protective Energy Shield for your Physical Body, Mental Energy body, Emotional Energy body and Astral Energy body.

The book depicts 88 MUDRAS, Mantras, Affirmations, Breathing exercises and detailed explanations on how to practice conscious mindfulness to maintain optimal health of your subtle energy body.


Paperback Full Color, Hardcover and Kindle editions

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