Private Mentorship Sessions




Your CAREER, and Your ABUNDANCE...

They key to fulfilling your mission in life is listening to your heart, using your mind and following the call of your Soul.

It also requires your staying in tune with the people, happenings and the world around you.


You may poses astonishing inner wisdom, but if you wish to share it with others,

you need to speak the language that is understood by all, even the simplest of minds.

This may present a challenge, but it is the only way you can make an impact.

Translating your message, conveying your mission,

finding a way for your gifts to shine and make most impact…that is no small feat.

It just happens to be one of the things I enjoy doing.

I love to discover the immediate and optimal big picture for you

and then help you find a way to get there in the quickest and easiest way possible.

In fact, that is what I have been doing for many years with my students and authors

in my publishing house Arnica Press.


At this particular moment in time massive shifts are affecting every one of us. 

You are pressured and required to restructure your life in a most profound way. 

You may feel unprepared, frightened, disoriented and overwhelmed.

But time is running and you don’t have the luxury to stagnate in self-pity and fear.

You need to think like a warrior, learn to prioritize,

know what you want and make a realistic effective plan to reach your goal.


My mission is to help all of you who are ready

and have a heartfelt desire, discipline

 and willpower to move forward, excel

and help change the world for the better.


We need every soul that’s ready, willing and able to help the collective consciousness in this time of upheaval. 


It is for these reasons that I am opening a new Individual Consultations program for private mentorship. 

This is not a Mudra course - it is a personal one on one Intensive where we assess your current situation,

make a plan of action and accelerate your progress.

We get you ready and aligned with the optimal solution for whatever challenging situation you are facing.

We eliminate obstacles, and re-launch your mission.

It is exciting and vigorous work.


I know many have suffered enormously demanding family responsibilities,

business upset, loss of income and security and general peace of mind.

BUT, there is always a new creative way to share your abilities, knowledge, services or products. 

There is a silver lining in this moment, but you have to find it. It’s time to restructure,

get even better and let go of things that did not serve your best interest.


This is Your unique chance 

to fine tune and position Yourself

so You can land where You’ve always wanted.

Nothing will stop You, but You need to step forward.

This is about YOU. 


My private Intensive program is dynamic, effective and straight to the point.

I am fast in assessing your needs and creating an immediate, realistic and effective plan of action.


We’ll meet online for a two hour Intensive session, and follow up with an additional hour the next day.

This way, you’ll have time to reflect on everything we uncovered and restructured and shift your entire perspective. Now you’ll be on your way. If you need more strategic adjustments, we ‘ll meet again as needed. 


Keep in mind, I am only your guide and mirror, it is you that is changing your life.


Sometimes the greatest Obstacles

are your greatest Gifts...












We will work in the comfort of your home, via Skype, Facetime, Whatsup or Zoom.


*Individual Program created for your unique needs

*Your current Astrological Transits Insight

*One 30 day MUDRA Course of Your Choice

*One of Sabrina's books of Your Choice







90 Min Intensive Session



Four Weekly 90 Min Intensive Sessions

$ 950


Your choice of a 30 Day Mudra online Video Course

Your choice of One of my bestselling books in e-book format.

I look forward to helping you on this transformative journey

of self empowerment and deep positive transformation.


with Love,


 Limited number of spaces are available.



Before we commence our journey, kindly fill out the Application.

We will get back to you within 24 hours.

You will receive a few schedule choices for our first session

and your Square invoice by email.