RED ROCKS are Calling You...

NOVEMBER 3 - 6, 2018-

sold out 

next dates announced shortly


 Visit the sacred grounds of  RED ROCK CANYON

 for a deeply Life-Changing Event

in an exceptionally powerful frequency


of the breathtakingly beautiful land

of ancient Anasazi... 

Power MUDRAS are Key to Your Sacred Soul Wisdom.

STEP on Your Evolutionary Path and Remember

all the Insights you earned in your far away Past...


 The Anasazi ~ "The Ancient Ones"~, were an ancient Native American culture, the ancestors of the modern Pueblo Indians. 

They inhabited this land over 12,000 - 10,000 years ago.

They left a lasting legacy with Rock Art images painted on stone surfaces. These drawings, called petroglyphs

were painted on surface with red, yellow or green pigments made from organic minerals.

The images include animals, people, and hunting scenes. 

Researchers believe the images were created by religious leaders and shamans.

Some pictographs form calendars and depict Summer and Winter solstice.

This rock art is sacred to Native American people.


Anasazi were peaceful ancient people, that were deeply connected to nature

and practiced  secret religious ceremonies in these beautiful Red Rock mountains and caves.


Are you looking  for deep personal work and intensive Mudra study with Sabrina?

This is the only opportunity to study with her live in person.

Do You want to Remember your Spirit's Purpose?

Spontaneous Regression plays a Key Revolutionary Role in uncovering Your Past.

Are You ready to Design Your Abundant Future?

You will learn Powerful techniques for Envisioning and Creating the Life you desire.

Do You Preffer to work in small intimate group settings?

Due to the complex nature of this Retreat, spaces are extremely limited.

Do you desire to Change in your Life?

Your life will change the moment you realize the power of NOW.


Hello My MUDRA seeker,

In this very intimate setting of our MUDRA IMMERSION Retreat

you will receive the opportunity to experience a unique life changing occurrence,

so that you too may break the barriers of time and space,

and remember the vastness of your true Soul Being. 

I selected a very specific location

that has an exceptionally powerful Frequency

that is an Open Gateway to your Higher Knowledge and Awareness. 

I love working with you one on one, because it gives us the opportunity to trigger a meaningful shift…

and I can guide you in a most intricate and completely individual way that you require, so that you can remove everything that holds you back,

and find your deepest most precious gifts that make you unique and different from anyone else.

It is a highly rewarding experience and most profoundly transformative.

The speed of your progress will trigger powerful avalanche of positive changes, propelling you precisely in the direction you always wanted,

but were perhaps not sure if and how to get there.

Now you can.

During this retreat you will delve into deep spiritual psychology of  MUDRAS, HEALING SOUND, ENERGY STABILIZING CRYSTALS...

with the goal to understand and know YOURSELF DEEPLY and with PROFOUND AWARENESS.

You will find your very special unique extrasensory gifts and learn how to use them AT WILL.


You will experience Energy Shifts, Intuitive Awakenings, private Past Life ~ In Between Life Spontaneous Regressions,

that will reveal to you valuable information which will affect you in profound ways on a cellular frequency level.

Upon your gained deeper understanding of your true purpose,

you will learn Create the FUTURE you desire.


Surrounded by the beautiful majestic Natural Pyramids of the Red Rock Canyon, you will enjoy this Life altering experience,

with a selected very intimate group of energy workers and healers,

who will become your new spiritual support group.

I look forward to seeing you in this exceptionally high frequency setting

and am honored to guide you on this most fascinating journey.

With Timeless Blessings,



Where lies the connection between Mudras and Past Lives?

Many of you have experienced Spontaneous Mudras.

 It is a very intense occurrence that is triggered by the deep cellular memory of your Spirit.

Somewhere deep in your subconscious you follow your natural intuition and place your hands into a Mudra position.

 In an instant you feel a great sense of comfort, empowerment and inner stability.

Mudras are your sacred “Navigation System” and because you have used them before,

you are familiar and attracted to them again, here and now.

But there is much more to this than you imagine.


MUDRAS will open up the WISDOM of Past Lifetimes

that hold the key to your life's PURPOSE.

In order to accomplish what you wish, 

you need to remember WHO YOU ARE.


In this Workshop we will connect your Mudra practice with the Power of Crystal Communication and enter the field of 

 Spontaneous regression, so that you may unlock the sacred gates of invisible worlds

and find answers to your deeper and higher purpose.

The information you will receive will be ideal for you at this very precise moment.

It will help you overcome certain stagnant patterns and break thru the self imposed walls of limitations

that were perhaps created as defense to challenges of your past.

Once you understand and clearly recognize these energy blockages,

you will be able to move into your power and

 Become the optimal HEALER.


A tremendous healing power is produced and magnified when practicing Mudras with Crystals.

The decisive factor is developing your ability to sense and work with Crystals in a most 

delicate, deeply aware and gentle, respectful manner.

We will be working with Mudras and Crystals and

you will receive your own small size high quality Crystal 

 for the Workshop, that will remain Yours to keep.


A revolutionary re-discovery of an ancient HEALING SOUND technique

that  connects you with your Higher consciousness,

and helps you remember your purpose.​

Why are You here?

What is Your life's mission?​

You hold the answers to these questions.

With the power of a very specific technique and uniquely created SOUND that permeates your entire body,

you can access your deeper levels of subconsciousness to cross the bridge to inter-dimensional space,

where the limitations of  time disappear.

The mystery of Your Soul's journey will reveal itself...

Mudras and Past Lives Method offers a unique approach to Sound-regression therapy and was developed by Sabrina.

It is a spiritual regression into the far PAST, a progression - look into the FUTURE,

and a visit into the amazing Time BETWEEN your Lives .


Everything in Universe consists of vibrational frequencies that permeate your body, including your brain.

By changing your brainwave frequency from ALPHA to a THETA brainwave pattern,

you can open the pathway and cross the invisible bridge into deeper subconsciousness.

Using the Time Travel Therapy™ method, Sabrina creates and environment where you can enter the state of consciousness

to experience the far past memories and rediscover your true life purpose.

Each experience is unique, revealing only information that is important to you. 

 Sabrina uses various sensory healing modalities and a unique instrument -

The TIME TRAVEL HEALING HARP™ - to take you on this revolutionary journey.

SPONTANEOUS REGRESSION does not involve hypnosis and is completely unique to you -

the information you receive is known ONLY TO YOU. 


The application of this deep sound  sensory  technique is very beneficial in relieving many emotional ailments,

reducing stress, eliminating fear,  understanding one's deeper emotional dynamics and magnifying concentration capacity.

Clarity of purpose and a deep sense of peace emerge, while you learn to understand the meaning and importance of your life's events.



Our retreat takes place in a most lovely setting. 

This unique location in the magnificent Red Rock Canyon offers the perfect environment

to focus on your deep spiritual journey.

Enjoy the spectacular easy level hiking trails in a beautiful, supremely peaceful location,

with profoundly healing energy frequency.

Red Rock Canyon is a powerul Energy Vortex, established by the Ancient culture of the Virgin Anasazi.



 UPSCALE PRIVATE RESIDENCE, a short distance from Red Rock Canyon,

is close to all conveniences, and easy access to the airport.



You will be sharing the private residence with other retreat participants,

but still have plenty of room for your privacy.

 Unless otherwise noted, you will have your own private room.

Shared Rooms will have a slight adjustment in rate.

Some rooms may be sharing a bath. Wi-Fi on premises.


Your package includes two ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE meals a day as well as 

Self-serve Breakfast of selection of teas, fresh fruit, almond butter, gluten free toast.


Transportation to and from the residence to the Red Rock Canyon IS included.

Air Travel Transportation costs are NOT included in the rate.

The nearest airport is McCarran International airport Las Vegas.




You will have the choice of booking a Therapeutic private Massage appointment 

for an additional cost of $100 per Hour.

Our Massage Therapist is of the highest quality and offers various Massage technique choices.

All appointments will take place after our daily class schedule,

 and must be booked at the time of your Sign Up.


A wide selection of  organic juices $10


You will have the choice of booking Tickets for any of the extraordinary world famous

Las Vegas theatrical productions.

Ticket prices vary and are not included in the Retreat.

We will assist you with ticket bookings after your Sign Up.

Shows are in the  evenings, so you won't miss the Retreat lectures.

For price info, click on the photo below.


Your transformational journey begins on Friday afternoon which is your preffered arrival time.

All workshop lectures will take place in our Private residence and Red Rock Canyon in a most relaxing and healing environment.

The MUDRA IMMERSION RETREAT is designed to expand your awareness, help you tap into your subconscious,

and recognize your mission to become the prosperous and magnificent HEALER that YOU are.

FRIDAY ~ Day 1

  3:30 pm   Afternoon arrival and check in

  4:30 pm – 5:30 pm  Welcome Session

  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm  Dinner
  7:30 pm –  9:30 pm Workshop                                                                    

10:30 pm - Lights out for rejuvenating sleep


  8:00 am –   9:00 am Breakfast

  9:00 am – 10:00 am Morning Session

10:00am ~ 10:30 am Break

10:30 am –   1:00 pm Workshop  

  1:00 pm –   3:30 pm Lunch + free time
  3:30 pm –   7:00 pm Workshop    

  7:00  pm –  8:00 pm Dinner

  8:00 pm –   9:00 pm Workshop and Q&A   

10:30 pm - Lights out for rejuvenating sleep

SUNDAY ~ Day 3

 8:00 am –   9:00 am Breakfast

  9:00 am – 10:00 am Morning Session

10:00am ~ 10:30 am Break

10:30 am –   1:00 pm Workshop  

  1:00 pm –   3:30 pm Lunch + free time
  3:30 pm –   7:00 pm Workshop    

  7:00  pm –  8:00 pm Dinner

  8:00 pm –   9:00 pm Workshop  and Q&A    

10:30 pm - Lights out for rejuvenating sleep

MONDAY ~ Day 4

 8:00 am –   9:00 am Breakfast

  9:00 am – 10:00 am Morning Session

10:00am ~ 10:30 am Break

10:30 am –   1:00 pm Workshop  Closing Session                          

  1:00 pm –   2:00 pm  Lunch 

  2:00 pm  -   Departure for Airport


You will also receive a  Clear Plan for implementing your newly gained knowledge for your Individual best purpose and

A Follow-up Private coaching call via Skype

*Schedule and topics are subject to slight changes.

There will be some Free time, but you will have the opportunity to:

Walk on the land of Ancient Virgin Aztecs

Enjoy stunning sunsets

Recharge your body

Refocus your mindset

Reconnect with your Spirit

See beyond this limited reality

Transform your life

Learn, be inspired, motivated and guided to create the life you want


Remember and Launch Your Path of Higher Purpose...


MUDRA Mastery™ Immersion




Daily Spontaneous Regression sessions with Sabrina

4 Days, 3 Nights, All Classes, Accommodations and Meals

If you are new to our MUDRA Tribe,

Fill out the SIGN UP FORM and secure your space today! 

$ 1500




All Workshop Classes & Lectures

 Daily Healing Spontaneous regression sessions with Sabrina. 

Your Private Room / Shared Bath

Buffet Style self-serve Breakfast and Two Organic meals a day

All Transportation between our Residence and  Red Rock Canyon


Daily  Spontaneous Regression sessions with Sabrina

4 Days All Classes

$ 999




All Workshop Classes & Lectures

Daily Healing Spontaneous regression session with Sabrina. 

For additonal reasonable Cost you can  join us for all meals.

AIR TRAVEL EXPENSES and to and from the airport  NOT INCLUDED


Full payment is due to secure your reservation.

We cannot hold spaces/rooms until we have received payment!

After your payment you will receive a confirmation and welcome email with all the details!

For any questions click HERE


A non refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your space, due at the time fo  registration.

Full balance is due 30 days before the event. 

In the event of a cancellation 50 days before Retreat, your payment will be refunded, less $500 non-refundable deposit.

Cancelations 40 days prior to event will be charged $500 non-refundable deposit and your payment

can be applied to a future retreat within a year.

Cancelations 30 days or less prior to the event can not be refunded.

Cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail. 

We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to your visit. 


Attending this Mudra Mastery™ Retreat Intensive is your only opportunity to study live in person with Sabrina Mesko

as of her current schedule for 2018.


To participate in this event you are required to purchase travel insurance.

You can easily do that online at

The approximate cost is around $100 or less.

Spaces are extremely limited for this very private,
exclusive and powerful retreat, so it sells out quickly.
Secure your space today!

1. What is a spontaneous regression?

ANSWER: This is a very unique process when you enter a Theta Brainwave pattern - a state of profoundly deep relaxation, where  you have access to your higher consciousness and information about your past, future or in between lives.


2. Will I get to experience a past life?

ANSWER: It is highly possible that you will receive clear visual images, live thru important events or receive other kind of information that will clearly reveal a past life. You will know and understand it as such - with utmost certainty.


3. Is there a guarantee for this experience?

ANSWER: There are no guarantees in life, however, you can rest assured that you will find the experience very enjoyable and healing. Each individual experiences this spontaneous regression differently, sometimes as a highly healing visual and sensory uplifting energy boost that offers highly positive transformative effects. It is not always an identical regressions experience that you will have, and no two regressions are alike. I will assure a most serene and healing environment,  and guide you thru powerful Mudra sequences – all of which will create optimal and highly conducive circumstances to help you experience a past or life in between lives Spontaneous Regression.


4. What is live in between life?

ANSWER: This is your state of existence between lives, after a lifetime and before you enter your next lifetime.

5. Will I see my future?

ANSWER: it is possible you will receive clear information about your future, but most likely you will receive answers, clarifications and insight about any pending questions you are burdened with at this particular moment in your life.


6. Will you use hypnosis?

ANSWER: No, I will NOT use hypnosis, or in any way verbally guide, suggest or influence your spontaneous regression experience.


7. How will you help me experience this spontaneous regression?

ANSWER: I will create a very specific beautiful sound, that I will play live for you individually with various musical instruments. The instruments are non – electronic and the sounds created are completely natural.


8. Will we practice Mudras?

ANSWER: Yes, we will journey thru various sequences of Advanced Mudra practice. Mudras play an essential role in this experience.


9. Will we practice mudra therapy?

ANSWER: Yes, we will proceed thru deep sessions of Mudra Therapy. 


10. Will I learn about sound healing?

ANSWER: Yes, you will learn about sound -healing in relation to Mudras and Spontaneous regression.


11. What other healing modalities will you use?

ANSWER: The healing modalities used are all sensory, non-invasive and complementary in nature. They do not interfere with any other therapy you are using or practicing in your life – they are harmonious with all healing approaches.


12. What level of knowledge is required for participants?

ANSWER: The most important aspect is that you have a strong heartfelt desire to understand yourself better, and learn deeper aspects of yourself in order to recognize and live your optimal life of happiness, health and multi dimensional manifestations of love.


13. Do I have to be advanced mudra practitioner?

ANSWER: No, you do not have to be an advanced Mudra practitioner. Rest assured that by the end of retreat you will be.  :)


14. Is this retreat physically strenuous?

ANSWER: No, this retreat is very gentle in nature and won’t require much physical strength. The power we will be addressing and using is that of your mind and heart. The walks in red rock canyon will be very easy and focused on absorbing the beauty and energy of this unique environment.


15. How many people will participate in retreat?

ANSWER: Due to the demands and nature of healing modality and the work, this is a very intimate retreat with space only for a handful of participants. This way we can truly help each one of you individually and in a most effective way.


16. How will regression help me in everyday life?

ANSWER: Pease visit the BENEFITS PAGE in ABOUT SPONTANEOUS REGRESSION. The positive effects are profound, deeply encompassing and the vibrational effects of the sound that will travel thru your body will positively affect you on a cellular level.


17. Will I receive a certificate after the retreat?

ANSWER: This particular retreat is not of that nature. The purpose of the retreat is deep work on yourself. This is a pre-requisite  for every energy healer or energy worker of the highest caliber. Before you help or work with others, you must understand and help yourself first.


18. Do I have to share my experience with others in retreat?

ANSWER: No, whatever insight, visions, and regression your experience is your private knowledge and you are not required to share your personal information or experience. However, the environment that you will be working in will be most harmonious, safe and nurturing, and sharing will help you reflect, understand and extract maximum wisdom. It is your personal choice. Your complete and utmost privacy is respected and protected in every way.


We hope that answered your questions and look forward to seeing you in this very unique Retreat!