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My love for Mudras goes back many years and lifetimes, and to this day I remain in awe, fascinated and empowered by these incredible techniques. In fact I was so determined and persistent in my long search for more knowledge about Mudras, that I began writting my first book purely based on my own research, and then suddenly teacher appeared. I guess the Universe heard my plea, and my book and I got a clear Guide, straight from heaven, as far as I am concerned.


I remain forever grateful to have had the privilege to learn directly from my Master teacher Yogi Bhajan, 

to study with him privately, one on one, and learn each intricate detail about Mudras, as well as all important and essential energy and spiritual aspects of them.

It was his decision to select and entrust me with responsibility to spread the MUDRA technique worldwide, therefore I convey to you MUDRAS precisely as taught to me by Yogi Bhajan.


Since my early years of endless training as a professional ballerina, I experienced discipline and precision in executing movements and choreography of human form. Similarly, Mudras require dedication as well as attention to detail, and such is my teaching approach.

As an optimist with a great sense of humor, I‘ve created Mudra Courses that are fun, and yet overflowing with loads of important information. Of course, the higher you climb thru the Course Levels from I. to V., the more complex and magical the lessons become. In Level V. you will experience Spontaneous Regression, a life altering event to say the least. I teach with a clear purpose, so that you can become the very best version of You, and get to where you want as soon as humanly possible.


I'm very generous in sharing my knowledge, and in my courses I reveal all effective FORMULAS and TEMPLATES to help make you the best possible Mudra Teacher or Therapist.

Thru the years I lectured thousands of people around the world, and no matter who they were, they all experienced immediate and profound effects. Why? Because MUDRAS truly offer instantaneous results. But you must know the proper practice technique and be willing to dedicate THREE MINUTES of your time.

What else is going to give you this kind of immediate reward?


My books have circled the world and I continue to write and explore the human nature which fascinates me, but my deep passion is helping all HEALERS who struggle in the ability to prosper with their work, are depleted as a result of being too giving, are stuck at a standstill, burned-out, and perhaps shy or unable to speak up, and therefore feel unsupported in living their dream. Being a successful healer, energy worker , life coach, teacher, or therapist, requires many dynamics that may be challenging for a creative and spiritual person as yourself. 

I will teach you how to use MUDRAS to heal yourself on the deepest subtle energy level, AND successfully share your gift and knowledge with others.


I strive to help you become the best future MUDRA TEACHER and THERAPIST, because that is what the world desperately needs. And if you find yourself on this page, chances are that being a Lightworker is your deep desire, passion, and destined path.

I am honored and humbled to assist you on this journey and promise to be a most steady and loving anchor on your Soul-searching and self-healing adventure. 

As a great healer you must first reignite the Light within, only then, can you share your bright Light with others, so that together we can uplift the human Spirit.

I'm  so excited about your Mudra journey and I know it will be quite a Life Transforming experience...

With Love,



 Internationally best-selling author SABRINA MESKO Ph.D.H. has gained a worldwide audience with her book Healing Mudras -Yoga for your Hands by Random House. The book reached number five on the Los Angeles Times Health Books Bestseller list and is translated into 14 languages.

Sabrina authored numerous books on Mudras, Meditation, Yoga and Healing and directed and produced her double DVD titled CHAKRA MUDRAS - a Visionary awards finalist. 

Sabrina was born in Europe where she became a professional classical ballerina at an early age.

In her teens she moved to New York and became a Broadway dancer and singer who turned to yoga to heal a back injury.  She studied with Master Guru Maya, healing breath techniques with Master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and completed a four-year study of Paramahansa Yogananda's Kriya Yoga technique. She graduated from the internationally known Yoga College of India and became a Certified Yoga therapist.

An immense interest and study of powerful hand gestures - Mudras, led Sabrina to the world's only Master of White Tantric Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, who entrusted her with the sacred Mudra - hand yoga techniques, giving her the responsibility to spread this ancient and powerful knowledge worldwide.


Sabrina appeared on The Discovery Channel documentary on hands, the Roseanne Show, CNBC News and various international live TV shows. She created her own weekly Live TV show educating the audiences about health, well-being and complementary medicine.


She is an executive member of the World Yoga Council and has led countless Retreats and Teacher Training for Yoga Therapy educational Certification programs. Her articles and columns have been published in international publications as she is fluent in six languages.


Sabrina has also created award winning international Spa and Wellness Centers from concept, architectural planning, equipment and product selection, staff training and unique healing signature Spa treatments. She loves creating exquisite healing environments that magnify the life-altering experience. 

She is a motivational keynote conference speaker addressing large audiences all over the world. 

Her highly dynamic and engaging approach leaves audiences inspired and uplifted.


Sabrina holds a Bachelors Degree in Sensory Approaches to Healing, a Masters in Holistic Science and a Doctorate in Ancient and Modern Sensory Approaches to Healing from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. She is board certified from the American Alternative Medical Association and American Holistic Health Association.

She founded and is leading the only MUDRA MASTERY™CERTIFICATION Online Mentorship program in the world. Her Certified Mudra Teachers and Therapists are currently holding the Light in 25 countries around the world.



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