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PRAISE for MUDRA Certification Courses

Many of you have been asking me to post what you feel and have to say about my courses.

I am most humbled and grateful for any and all letters I receive from you.

They always make me feel profoundly blessed that I can do what I do - teach all of you how to feel and be your optimal best

and help spread this powerful Mudra Techniques around the world!

"I was fortunate to be able to take Sabrina's Level I,II and III Mudra training courses. The training turned out to be a profoundly healing and empowering experience.I highly recommend Sabrina's courses to anyone who is called to working with the Mudras!
GABRIELA / Healing practitioner, Naturologist, BC, Canada.

"When I discovered Sabrina's Mudra Teacher Training I was overjoyed! I had been seeking a Mudra teacher and mentor for some time. I knew I was signing up for something great but my expectations were nowhere close to how amazing this program has been. Sabrina has an incredible depth of knowledge that she is more than happy to share. She has a passion for her art that is contagious. She is enthusiastic, supportive and more than generous with her time, suggestions and encouraging feedback. Her wonderful sense of fun and laughter added to enjoyment of this beautiful experience.Thank you Sabrina!"
ASSUMPTA / Yoga Teacher, Victoria, BC, Canada.

"Sabrina Mesko is an excellent teacher in many ways:
She knows yoga in a very deep and profound way,  is an excellent communicator and takes the time to ensure that as her student you really have a full grasp of the material.
She is a caring and compassionate person who really believes in the power of yoga to heal & make this a better world.
I feel fortunate and blessed to have had an opportunity to study with such an excellent teacher and person."

SABRINA / Yoga Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Texas

"I have always been intrigued by Mudras and its mysticism. I was thrilled to find an online course as I had been searching far and wide  to learn about how to apply it practically. Sabrina delivers the material so concisely and practically. Thank you!!!!"

SHOBI / Homeopathic Doctor, Sri Lanka

"Absolutely, the most powerful program of self-reflection that I've ever been involved with."

JEFFREY / Energy Healer, Life Coach, California

"Sabrina's Mudra Teacher Course is one of the best gifts I have given to myself. Formalizing my knowledge about mudras with Sabrina has helped me both personally and professionally." 

RAY / Enterpeneur, Mudra Teacher, New York

"I feel grateful for finding Sabrina's site and embarking on a journey of self discovery. My studies of the mudras with Sabrina have proved life altering not only because they shed light on my own struggles and areas of hardship, but also because they provided me with ever present awareness to recognize them and very handy tools to deal with them effectively. Thank you, Sabrina, for all your encouragement." 

MARIA / Yoga Teacher, Canada

"The one-on-one time and focus Sabrina gave me during the Mudra Teacher course far surpassed anything I could have expected. She guided me through and cheered me on through the process. The best part of the training, for me, was her attention to detail, her willingness to share information, discuss thoughts, and answer questions." 

RAEGAN / Healing Arts Practitioner, New Orleans, Louisiana

"The Mudra course was an excellent introduction into the energetic body. With so many mudras to learn it's a great way to introduce an alternative way to meditation in a Yoga class. For those that require something more active, I've seen immediate results in people with anxiety issues, hypertension, those people that find meditation quite difficult. Sabrina delivers the course in a structured well planned manner."

BETHANY / Yoga Studio Owner, Australia

" I found the Mudra teacher training course to help myself. This training has helped me to balance my mind & heart, anxiety & stress and to relax my mind & body.  My body has loosened up and this has helped me to perform my yoga poses so much better.  I never understood about how mind body & emotion is all connected. Now I have a better understanding about how the whole system works. "

BALJIT / Bussiness Executive, Washington D.C.

"The Esoteric Mudra Method Course has offered me the tools and the language I need to be able to share the wisdom that I have been blessed with, and to language the information on a vibrational frequency that others can receive what is being communicated to them.

It has supported me to hear My Inner Voice with ease and clarity, being able to see the energies around me and how to identify and work successfully with them, I gained the opportunity through the understanding and use of the Mudras to open up more to tuning into myself.

In doing this course I have been able to stabilize my environment and the people around me, I feel more connected to my life purpose, my sense of direction is much clearer and more defined.

Being able to work with the "deeper principle of energy observation for a location" was very supportive in guiding me to go deeper into myself and ask meaningful questions and being truthful with my answers., and Guided to go forth into my true work. 

 SAYYIDAH / Counselor, Psychologist, California

"This Mudra Training has brought Peace and Direction, the transfer of knowledge to help the whole Universe, World, Emotion, Thought and Event heal is here from Sabrina Mesko's teachings of the Mudras in a concise and easy to comprehend presentation. I can bring people, things, happenings into my life and let go easier, the flow is good through learning and using the Mudras. Sincerely and Forever Thankful,"

JHERI / Energy Healing Practitioner, Herbalist, Colorado

"Mudra Teacher Training Level I. allowed me to integrate knowledge of the hand postures into a comprehensive practice. This has enhanced my life and helped me heal as well as gave me tools to bring to my yoga classes and private sessions.

Mudra Therapy Training Level II. allowed me to hone in on certain conditions and provide a quality one on one therapeutic treatment. From that I can derive ways in helping a variety of other conditions."

ANGELA / Yoga Studio Owner & Teacher, Laval, Canada

"Sincere thanks to Sabrina Mesko for comprehensive Mudra Course, her wisdom, light and love, friendly communication and good teaching. I learned a lot about mudras, what a powerful and effective tool they are.

I experience this every day myself."

ARTURAS / Mudra Teacher, Kaunas, Lithuania

"The Mudra Training has been a blessing in my life! It came into my life at the precise moment when I was trying to focus my energy.  I found the Mudra Training thanks to Sabrina´s book "Healing Mudras". I believe that the Universe always settles everything and that´s how I found her. I couldn´t believe how amazing learning Mudras with Sabrina was. She is an incredible teacher and person.  The passion that she has when you study Mudras with her and the way they work if you are truly disciplined is priceless. I will always be thankful for this experience. 

LAURA / Psychologist, Mudra and Yoga Teacher, Mexico

"By sharing what I learned in Mudra teacher training with my therapy clients, I am able to quickly reach them in deeper and more profound ways. Mudra teacher training has greatly enhanced my therapy practice!"

AMBER / Occupational Therapist, Texas

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