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What fascinates me about astrology is the impeccable Universal clockwork

that reveals invaluable information in your chart.

It offers an extraordinary opportunity to remove the veils of time and help see the unseen,

understand the mysterious and uncover the seemingly impossible.
Explore this page and select from many choices for the perfect astrological journey that suits your needs.
I look forward to our Time-travel into the mysterious cosmic realms.



The ancient science of Astrology offers compelling information that helps you understand the bigger picture.
If you fight against the lessons planets are suggesting you learn, you may experience challe

Remember that all growth is in the best interest of your evolutionary path.
It is important to flow with the movement of the cosmos,

perceive hidden guidance and recognize the subtle, clear suggestions.

Make use of helpful astrological navigation and time sensitive opportunities that your life presents.
If you understand how to work with your chart and planetary movements,

you can and shall progress forward.

Any seeming delays can offer time for reflection.

As a result, you will find a wise answer and make proper choices for your future.
Understanding and working with unique energy of each planet will help you avoid missteps,

take advantage of favorable circumstances and promote your spiritual progress.



I am your pilot, messenger, translator and guide through the world of Astrology.
I will help you understand your unique celestial map, ongoing planetary movements,

your tests, demands and obstacles as well a new opportunities,

so you can decide how to navigate forward.

My approach is not predictive, as we all have FREE WILL and nothing is written in stone.

My readings are infused with infinite optimism, because that is just the way I am.

I believe there is a reason and remedy for every challenge.

I am also certain the potential for fulfilling one's dreams is endless.





My consultation options use a variation of tools and techniques

for helping you understand planetary energies, so you can reach for your highest potential.

You can select a topic that best suits your specific needs,

but I do recommend you begin with the Natal Chart Reading.

We can focus on natal planetary positions, your very unique life dynamics, gifts and goals.

We examine current transits that steer you in certain directions and demand your attention.

If you are specifically interested in your past lives and how they affect your present life,

the Karma~ Evolutionary reading is your ideal remedy.

No matter what you select, we will answer your questions,

and take a deeper look into your ancient gifts and relationships that carry old themes.
We will examine how to prevent falling into ancient patterns that feel familiar,

but could delay your Soul progress.

Your Desires are Spirit Memories of Your Mission

Once you recognize your evolutionary journey,

you’ll be able to navigate through your challenges

fully aligned with your mission and purpose.

Throughout this transformational process, you are encouraged to cultivate inner-reflection

and learn how to find your Soul answers.

Always practice self-love.


We can find unique circumstances that may be the source of your challenges,

tests, demands, obstacles as well as gifts, talents and life path.

An insight into your karmic treasure chest brings clarity.

Old habits begin to make sense and can be tossed aside.

A challenge suddenly evokes a new realization.

You gain a deeper understanding of unresolved feelings or weaknesses.

Unproductive habits or seemingly unfounded fears make sense.

You find clearness in new direction and are empowered to move forward, as you chose.

Once you realize your evolutionary purpose,

you will not stagnate in past life behavior that prevents your progress.

You are able to understand your Soul history and set yourself free.

Old fears are examined and eliminated.

Ancient aversions lose grip and subside.

Ending relationships that seem overwhelming reach a resolve.

Ancient conflicts transform into release and peace. 

Deep, constructively positive desires can be understood and wisely pursued.

Your dreams begin to make sense and have a purpose.
Any negative attachments to locations, activities, habits,

types of people or relationships, find closure and release.

Your new awareness brings you self-acceptance and self-realization.

It may all look so easy, and yet it is incredibly complex.

But now you are equipped with a treasure trove of invaluable information.

Your hard-earned ancient wisdom is priceless.
You can overcome the limitations of time and gain access to your perfectly preserved Soul memory.
You are empowered and aware that your Soul is limitless.

That is in fact the ideal result of a successful Astrological exploration

into the mystery of your celestial map.
And this is why I love Astrology.



If your carry a great interest for reviewing your past lives,

you are invited to explore my Spontaneous Regression Time Travel sessions

and embark on a journey that will shift your perception of time

and diminish any doubts that you have indeed lived, died and loved many lifetimes before.

The point is this:

Do you know why you are here now?

Remember your Past Lives

Complete your Assignments

Recognize your Purpose...

Are You ready for the Odyssey to Manifest Your Highest Potential?


Orange Clouds


For New Clients ~ 90 Min ~ $190

This is the perfect reading for beginning your astrological journey.

In this session we will review your Natal chart, the current transits, your progressions, as well as take a glimpse into your far away past. We will examine your unique aspects and review all planetary dynamics that are mapped out in your chart.

We will discuss your past life gifts and possible challenges that are contributing to your current situation. In addition, we will explore the best timing that will help you accomplish your dreams, desires and life mission.

Finally, we will examine on your evolutionary path and greater purpose.

Our main focus in this reading will be the current and ongoing transits in the year ahead. 

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Abstract Leaves


For New Clients ~ 90 Min ~ $190

Buddha Statue

This is the optimal reading to explore the deeper aspects of your karmic path, your Spirit purpose and uncover how to fulfill your desired dreams.

In this session we will examine in depth your past life events, beneficial aspects as well as old challenges or possible enemies that left an imprint on your soul matrix.

The Nodal axis can reveal your connection with certain time periods, professions, special abilities and talents that you carry with you from long ago and are now ready to use and enjoy again in this life.

Your evolutionary purpose holds the answers to fulfilling your optimal destiny.

It is in fact something you deeply desire, but may not know how to claim it as rightfully yours. You are used to the patterns of your past which may be the opposite of what you need and deserve in this lifetime. Consciously understanding the possible cause of your challenges and obstacles, recognizing your old habits and uncovering seemingly unfounded fears will help you overcome past life unwanted inclinations and confidently move in direction of your destined path.

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Blue Skies


For Returning Clients ~ 60 Min ~ $150

This is the ideal regular reading to  examine the changing sky and how it affects your life in every aspect. You can explore this reading as needed, or at least once or twice every year.

The Universe is in perpetual motion, therefore all celestial bodies are continuously moving. These transits affect your natal chart in various complex and fascinating ways. You have windows of opportunity as well as periods that are more productive in stillness, reflection and preparation for new chapters in life.

The seemingly challenging moments offer growth and help you overcome past weaknesses. Valuable astrological insight of planetary transits will help you take advantage of fortuitous timing and understand how to navigate through challenges. You will gain clarity and properly prepare for favorable planetary aspects that will promote a beneficial outcome.

The progressive chart will reveal your path of inner growth and deeper transformation. In this follow-up or reoccurring session we will review how the current planetary transits and progressions affect your life and ongoing opportunities for manifesting your optimal future.  

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For Established Clients Only ~ 30 Min ~ $75

Buddha Statue

This is the fitting reading  when you have one question or need a short update while facing a crucial time or choice. Some celestial bodies move relatively fast, while others take their time. From one day, week, or moth to the next, new developments occur and fresh opportunities present themselves. You may have just one decisive question, or need insight into a particular urgent and unexpected dynamic that requires your attention. Perhaps a time for decision is lingering in the air and you need to consult the sky and reflect on all energies that are guiding you in a particular direction. Your intuition is a most valued tool, therefore empowering yourself with astrological information may be the significant factor that helps you turn in the right direction and seize the moment.

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Red Paint


 90 Min ~ $275

Wild Horses

This is the ultimate reading involving a relationship. This  can entail any number of relationship options, such as love, friendship or partnership of greater importance.

When we focus on astrological charts of two connected people, there is no doubt that astrological insight into  relationship compatibility - synastry chart can be very helpful in harmonizing the differences or challenges between two partners. It can open your deeper understanding of the complex dynamics that may originate in your past lives. Perhaps  you experienced life-altering events that carry over deep set emotional memories, patterns, expectations, insecurities and fears, but most importantly a profound sense of connection. Relationships are the optimal opportunity for soul growth and when we remember that true love never dies, we can understand why two people find each other again and again. Love overcomes death and no distance of time and space can  keep two souls apart…they will always reconnect in order to learn, grow and ascend together on their evolutionary travels.

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Abstract Linear Background


 Child and Parent's Charts ~ 60 Min ~ $190

Kids Playing Tug of War

This is the ultimate reading for exploring your child's soul path and your role in helping fulfill it. Every child’s astrological chart carries valuable information of their far-away past and possible potential for their future. Understanding your child’s special gifts as well as challenges, will help you navigate their early life in a most favorable way, so you can help optimize their potential for a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Family unit is an ideal setting for an old karmic connection and no doubt you have traveled together in previous lifetimes. Knowing and understanding your past story will embellish and expand your bond in loving, spiritual awareness.

We will look at both parent's and child's chart and explore how to overcome challenges, nurture harmonious  communication, build a solid foundation and prepare the optimal environment for refining your child's  gifts and abilities, while enjoying a happy family life.

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Brown Sands


90 Min ~ $350

Up to Six Charts

This is a fascinating reading where we will explore your roots and old karmic chain patterns. You ancestors upheld and experienced specific generational ties that played a decisive role in all aspects and developments of their lives in their  historical era.

Some of these old patterns possibly continue to carry on to this day and affect your own life as well. Uncovering your ancestor's basic nature will give you clues into how they managed, navigated and overcame challenges of their lifetimes.

You may also recognize their  unfulfilled dreams they wished to accomplish, but were perhaps prevented from reaching. Unearth the basic dynamics that helped them lead the life they did.

This information can be very useful in helping understand your own mysterious tendencies, sense of obligation, including unspoken but assumed promises that are expected of you. Honor your ancestors by unraveling these ancient mysteries of far away times. You may also discover a deeper connection with a specific relative and better understand their purpose and mission while recognizing you may have entered this family - soul group with a specific reason to help resolve and fulfill a greater mission.

This reading includes up to six ancestors charts. The birth time is not required, date and place of birth is sufficient.

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Sunset Skies
Fiery Sun


 60 Min Each ~  $875

For Established Clients Only

This option is practical for certain crucial periods in your life that are extra demanding. When going through a personal metamorphosis, deep restructure, change in family dynamics, career shift, or are navigating through unforeseen pressures of sudden success, gain and loss... an astrological insight can help you harmonize, find balance, purpose and meaning in new circumstances.

Knowing that we shall speak once a month and review how new developments present themselves and when could additional unexpected new dynamics occur can be very helpful. We will review how to safely and productively cross the intersections of life while avoiding pitfalls. It will help you maintain a strong, confident inner resilience in knowing that you are managing the journey well prepared and informed. The six readings bundle is valid for one year.

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Disintegrating Sphere
Science Museum Space Exploration


90  Min Session ~  $300

This reading is very specific for when you are unsure of your birth time. In such a case we need to amend your chart with a careful recalculation. This requires a particular balancing act of timing your past events with specific corresponding, most likely  and possible planetary transits. The process needs careful observation, assembly of all facts and thorough comparison of transits and events.

The detailed analysis and fact gathering will help us establish the most probable time of birth and your  ascendant, and once this is established, we will not need to repeat this process.

Knowing your time of birth is crucial and necessary in order to properly calculate your astrological chart, recognize the effects of ongoing transits and likewise  assess the progressive chart to note growth and transformation on a deep level of your soul.

A proper birth time is also essential for very specific questions,  timing and decision making, therefore this is the basis for good and accurate astrological guidance.

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Foot Tracks on Sand


By Phone or Recorded

60 min Individual ~ $150

Astronomical Clock

This option is ideal for Natal chart or Karmic Chart First time clients

that you wish to Gift with a reading..

It is a bit shorter than regular Natal reading

and can be conducted over the phone

or RECORDED and sent to your Gift recipient.

Please Email the  CONTACT information of the Gift recipient.

Payment is due at the time of booking.

The GIFT Certificate will be emailed within 48 Hours

and  is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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Red Velvet

Preparing for your session

Please Email the  following information:

Time, day, month (spell out), year and location of your birth.

Include Your Phone number.

We will respond within 48 hours with a few schedule options.

The sessions are by phone, skype, Zoom or whatsup.

You may ask any specific questions before the session,

but it is not necessary.

Per request, the session can be recorded and you will receive and MP3 audio file via email.

Payment is due at the time of booking.


If you need to cancel or reschedule the session, please do so at least 24-hours in advance.  

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are not refundable.

You may reschedule the consultation at a future time with no additional charge.

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